Christmas in SkiTown

Hello Everyone!!

Awaken is hosting a Christmas Market Nov 11th at Bud Werner Library Hall 9-2

This event will be a fun family-friendly shopping experience, all the while benefiting the women who make our beautiful products who have left a life of sexual exploitation. We will be selling products made by women in the USA and Thailand. We will also be offering food and drinks for free, but accepting donations for our nonprofit. There will also be kid’s activities!!

If you would like to join us, we are offering limited spaces at $50 for a 8’ by 6’. If you have participated at the Library before, this will be a larger space, then the standard table. We are adding limited vendors with the goal of minimizing duplicate product offerings, making the event more of a success for the vendors attending.

Booth fees are going towards advertising this event in the Steamboat Today for 7 days leading up to the market. We will also have large signage up in front of the Library day of.

Setup will occur Saturday Nov 11, 7am-9am (Unfortunately the Library is booked till 11pm the night before)

If you would like to join us please fill out the info below and email to




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Hope to have you join the market!!

Andrew Schmidt