United We Stand For Freedom

Today I became an American…a citizen of a country that was founded on and has fought relentlessly for freedom. The United States stands strong made of individuals with civil liberties and political rights. It is a privilege to belong to such a nation and should not be taken for granted in the 21st century.

Far too many people, out of no choice of their own, are born or immigrate to countries that do not offer freedom or protection from injustice. Emily and I started Awaken because we wanted to help create economic and empowering opportunities for those without them. We did not choose which countries we were born into (Canada and the USA) or the families that would raise us. We were blessed! Many that stood beside me today on the Colorado National Monument overlooking Grand Junction, Colorado came from conditions far from our reality. The women we work with also remind us that so many are not born into freedom but the exact opposite.

What compels us to move forward in the fight against human trafficking is seizing the opportunity of freedom we have been given and generously share that with the rest of the world. That is what the United States of America stands for and what we will fight for. Modern day slavery may look more polished from an outsider’s perspective and require different battle tactics than previously used, but let’s not make any mistake- slavery still exists.  

The girls that are sold by their families into prostitution-need someone to fight for freedom for them. The women tricked from West Africa to Bangkok in hopes of a brighter future-need someone to fight for them. When you have nothing-no money, no passport, and nobody fighting for you the future seems hopeless. Our partners NightLight fight for freedom every day and we are excited to stand by them and offer as many jobs as we can through selling these amazing products which represent freedom to the fullest!


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