Thailand Day 6:

Everything is coming together, one last day in china town, tying up loose ends and doing the final touches on the new Jewelry collection.  We gathered a few rolls of fabric to be stored for our next scarf line. The Chinese take care of the jewelry supply in Bangkok and the Indian population of Thailand takes care of the textiles. Its a collaboration of races and cultures and a very rich and diverse experience. Everyone so friendly and fun to interact with, it makes my heart smile!

We head back to the production facility and take some time to talk with the founder of Night Light. So amazing and dedicated to the woman they help, its inspiring and an honor to be a part of it. The struggles of not having the work they need to keep all the woman employed are a true reality.  Funding has helped retain employment but business is slow. To help them create more sustainability we hope that our scarf and jewelry production can improve this situation and we hope for growth an expansion of our products and designs for this very reason.   


Fair Trade Principle of the Day - Build Capacity

Fair Trade is a means to develop producers’ independence. Members maintain long-term relationships based on solidarity, trust, and mutual respect, so that producers can improve their skills and their access to markets. Members help producers to build capacity through proactive communication, financial and technical assistance, market information, and dialogue. They seek to share lessons learned, to spread best practices, and to strengthen the connections between communities, including among producer groups. (Fair Trade Federation, 2015)