Thailand Day 3:

“We pay them well, so they don’t go back” commented Jeff, who works with Nightlight and has been a resident of Bangkok for the past 22 years. For women coming out of the commercial sex industry there are many deep and complicated layers to beginning a new life. Employment at Nightlight is one of those steps. They are given dignified work and a fair wage which is the beginning to a new tomorrow. They are not left to their own devices for finding healing and discovering redemption; they are counseled, loved and supported.   

Knowing some of their stories, I expect something so different, I expect a sadness in their eyes a confusion in there spirit and demeanor. But what I get is a beautiful smiling face full of life and hope, proud of their accomplishments and excited for their future.


Fair Trade is a strategy for poverty alleviation and sustainable development. Members create social and economic opportunities through trading partnerships with marginalized producers. Members place the interests of producers and their communities as the primary concern of their enterprise. (Fair Trade Federation, 2015)