Thailand again!

It’s been a few days since we landed in Bangkok, it’s our fourth time here and it’s starting to feel like second nature maneuvering through the city and culture. Even china town, the land of plenty…. plenty of things, noise, people traffic and smells, is feeling like a second home as we spend long hot days sourcing fabric and supplies to bring back to the ladies that produce our designs.

My favorite shop, by some miracle I was able to relocate, positioned in a small space along a narrow alley way I discovered a few treasures for my new collection from the kindest, most dear older twin Thai ladies.  It brings such a smile to my face when the design is complete and I can get glimpses of the people that made it all happen, a little story to each piece makes it so special.

Today we were able to work with the woman in the sewing room. I worked on designs while Andrew did what he does best, some handy man work to help the ladies have more space and organization. It was such a humbling day to be reminded of where these woman came from and what incredibly joyful people they have become. They are truly the hero’s in the story. They are the ones who were brave enough to choose to break away from a life of slavery and work  for a life no longer bound by their past, we just come and get to be a part of who they are.  Truly a blessing to have the time with them.