Thailand Day 1:

Three Fights, 26 hours later. Arrive in Thailand and our Luggage seems to be missing. By luggage I mean all the fabric we have sourced for our new designs. Thankfully our hearts only stopped momentarily as we saw from a distance someone approaching us with recognizable suit cases in hand. We grab a taxi to take us to our hotel, the driver, a very cheerful man with lots of smiles and chuckling. It seems the only English phrase he knows is “my friend, my friend” but we manage to communicate the location where we are going. As we begin to approach the hotel the taxi putters out and doesn't seem to want to chug along any further, so Andrew and the driver push the car to the side and out of the way.  The hotel is thankfully at this point just half a block away. We unload the taxi and begin to pay, the man tries to finagle double the cost out of us but Andrew knows better and offers him half, with no problem he smiles and chuckles “OK my friend” and helps us drag all our luggage into the hotel and refuses to take any help with his car, all the while he is laughing and very amused by the situation. We have arrived! So rich in culture and character, Thailand once again enters my heart and gives me a smile. I can’t wait for more.