New Project on the Thai-Myanmar border

In a small village nestled in a lush valley along the Thai-Myanmar border we meet three incredibly amazing Thai women and their vision for helping trafficked women through job training and providing the basic necessities of life-housing and food. 

Tae carries all the Burmese women’s identification as they have no purses, no belongings, just smiles on their faces because they are now being taken care of by Tae’s auntie, who is the most precious elderly woman with so much love and light in her. Every week Tae travels with these women back to Myanmar to get new temporary Thai visas. This process seems time consuming and inefficient to us westerners, these women embrace it as part of their new found freedom.

We are excited and encouraged to have met these women as well as Larry and Wayne for connecting us through their warm hospitality. We are now having them make some scarves which will be available soon. We hope to offer more women in this project employment opportunities as we can see first-hand starting a new life is possible!